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 Buddy & Fluffy have 2 adopted Owlets

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PostSubject: Buddy & Fluffy have 2 adopted Owlets    Fri May 11, 2012 5:51 pm


Both Babies are looking very good ....

Adoption Success.. Again!!!

Hello, barn owl friends! As many of you have heard, this week Buddy and Fluffy became adoptive parents again for the third time in two years! For those of you who didn’t see the live internet feed Sunday night, 2 and 3 week old fuzzy owlets, “Rudy” and “Robert” were delivered to Buddy and Fluffy’s cleaned and renovated nest box. For those of us watching, the adoption was an immediate success. As soon as Buddy and Fluffy each came to the box and saw and heard the fuzzy, scritching babies, they embraced their roles as owl parents. The team began caring for and feeding their new babies with a focus and sweetness that was amazing to see.

For reasons that will remain a mystery to all of us, Buddy and Fluffy’s last three attempts at nesting (17 eggs in all) have failed. This began after Buddy and Fluffy’s first clutch in 2010 produced 5 healthy, happy offspring. Some of you tuned in last year when my friend and wildlife raptor rescue angel, Nancy Conney, brought 5 of her rescued owlets in two separate adoptions (2 then 3 owlets) to owlet-less Buddy and Fluffy. All 5 branched and fledged successfully.

This year, we hoped that Buddy and Fluffy’s 5 beautiful eggs would hatch. It was not meant to be! As the hatch date of each egg slipped by, many of us were saddened to see Fluffy continuing to sit on those nonviable eggs. Since the adoption, a few of us have begun to talk about the other side of that sadness.. Maybe Buddy and Fluffy’s path in this, their feathered lives, is to continue to help some of Nancy’s babies have the best barn owl parents in the world..To have Buddy and Fluffy love and raise them!!

During last year’s “baby season” Nancy rescued over 100 barn owlets alone (in addition to the other species of owls and other raptor babies that she took in). Though it is a journey from Nancy’s place to mine, Nancy welcomes the chance to place owlets with wild parents. Nancy and other wildlife staffers know well how wild parents give birds of prey the best possible chance for living and thriving in the wild. There are intricacies of flight and of hunting and killing prey that are crucial lessons for these birds to master if they are to make it on their own.

Nancy Conney’s nonprofit, Sky Hunters, and other wildlife nonprofits like hers rely heavily on the donations of animal lovers like us to be able to feed and care for the throngs of animals they nurture each and every day, especially during baby season. If this ongoing real life barn owl adoption fairy tale touches you in any way, please consider making a donation to Nancy’s Conney’s Sky Hunters . You CAN make a difference!!

Donations can be made to Sky Hunters through Paypal, using email address: Skyhunters@Juno.com (Be sure to mention the barn owl family of Buddy and Fluffy!!)

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Buddy & Fluffy have 2 adopted Owlets
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