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 How Barn Owls Choose a Mate

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PostSubject: How Barn Owls Choose a Mate   Wed May 25, 2011 10:43 am

Barn Owls are monogamous by nature, mating for life. During courtship, the male will circle the females’ roost screeching. If the female responds with a croaking frog sound, then he may approach. The male will usually give the female gifts of field mice during courtship to show his worth. They mate during warm periods throughout the year. Unlike other animals it isn't dictated by season. The Barn Owl can mate in spring, summer, or even the dead of winter if it is warm enough. They can mate up to 3 times a year if the opportunity arises. The female lays between 3 and 15 eggs and the male will feed her while she incubates them. The interesting thing about Barn Owl eggs is that they do not hatch all at the same time (nor are they laid all at the same time). They will hatch days apart (a month after being laid) and often the older hatched fledglings will help feed the newly hatched ones as they have learned to hunt already. They are ready to leave the nest by about 3 months. Barn Owls do not migrate at all, they simply wander from the territory of their birth in random directions to set up their own nests. Up to 80% of all barn owls don’t make it to adulthood, which is about 10 months of age.

Excerpts from this link

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How Barn Owls Choose a Mate
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